Wall of Guitars and Amps

A History of Recording Devices

Original Sheet Music

"Walk, Don't Run" 1960

Gordon Close, Curator of the Rocky Mountain Music Museum, welcomes you to this virtual tour of the museum.

Unique Instruments From Around the World

Pump Organ​​

Dyer Harp Guitar 1920's, Gibson L-4 1912-1920 

and Gibson Harp Guitar 1909

Seeburg Jukebox

Mando Bass 1918-1922

Chet Atkins Country Gentleman 1985​

Richter Hawaiian

Hand-Painted Guitar 1930​

Gretsch White Falcon 1962​

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​​Zenith Radio 1930's

Guild Stratford X350 1954​

Gibson Les Paul Recording Guitar and Bass 1974​

Epiphone Amp 1935-1953

Nickelodeon Mechanical Piano​

Hammond Organ

Rickenbacker Frying Pan

Lap Steel Guitar 1931​​

Edison Victrola 1903

Civil War Zither 1873​

Vintage Microphones from Studio B in Nashville

Japanese Koto 1860